Some coffee shops, for a variety of good reasons, align with one particular coffee roaster. We have taken the approach of working with a few roasters and have enjoyed the diversity and flexibility that this has given us. Our current roasters occupy quite different tiers in the specialty coffee world and that too is quite interesting. So here is a shout out to these critical suppliers:

Our longest and closest relationship is with 19 Coffee Company ( They are based nearby in Washington, PA and I guess would be classified as a micro-roaster if one draws a parallel to the beer world. They roast our stable of house coffees including the ones that we combine for our Orbis House Blend. Very local, very supportive and a fun bunch.

Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea ( ) has become one of the largest specialty coffee roasters nationally with many of their own stores and regional roasting operations. They supply one of our standard espressos, Black Cat Analogue whcih is for many people their "go to" espresso. We also bring in some of their single origin coffees as we find ones that we like and we offer many of their teas.

Our newest relationship is with Ceremony Coffee Roasters ( ) who are based in Annapolis MD. Destroyer is one of their house espressos that we really like and have available routinely. We recently tried some of their Panama Santa Teresa Geisha espresso that won the best American espresso competition this year which was outstanding. Ceremony offer an array of single origin coffees that we bring in on an ad hoc basis each week and which we have generally found to be diverse and delicious.