Last year we explored lots of European countries and some of the Americas, so when we were deciding how to kick off the new year, we thought of Asia. This was also strongly motivated by Holly who has a particular liking for various Asian cuisines.

We kicked off in January with Vietnam. The fresh flavors and French overtones made the brunches and the dinner quite delightful. We were a bit obsessed with Bahn Mi after the month ended.

We chose China for February to match up with the Chinese New Year. Brunches were focused around various Dim Sum. We embraced use of woks and bamboo steamers for savory and sweet buns although my favorite I think was the Pan-Fried Bao. The challenge with the Tastes of China dinner was to make our take on familiar dishes without adopting the prosaic flavor profile that is so familiar with Chinese food in the west.

March is Tastes of India!