Despite the confusing on again off again Spring weather, we had a fun month at Orbis Caffe.

Our country theme has been Tastes of Malaysia. We decided to start 2013 with a tour of Asian cuisines as we had not tried our hand at these in previous months. Vietnam had fantastic fresh flavours and ingredients, we tried to not be too prosaic with China in February and then looked at the Northern vs the Southern dishes for India last month. We felt it would be fitting to end the Asian series with Malaysia as it is itself a major crossroads of people and culture strongly inflenced by Chinese, Indian and the SouthEast Asian peninsular from which it extends. We particularly liked the use of tamarind, lemongrass and the sweet soy sauce Kecap Manis. Having just completed a fun dinner, we again have no idea whether we will have a theme next month or what it would be.

We were fortunate to have two excellent bands play at the South Hills venue this month. Alternative folk band Arlo Aldo gave a laid back and textured afternoon performance including tunes from their new Zelig CD. By contrast The Chalk Outlines gave a loud stomping, BYOB fueled evening show with classic blues and rock and roll tunes. Good musicians and entertainers all, it was hard to believe this was their maiden performance.

Orbis was also out and about this weekend, serving coffe at Earth Day in Mt Lebanon Park and at the Pittsburgh Vinyl Convention held at Pgh Filmmakers in Oakland. From all accounts both events were busy and lots of fun.

Now how about some summer weather...