The food theme for this month is "Tastes of America". We have had various people laugh at this and ask us whether we'll be making hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and the like. This is a bit sad to me but to an extent it validates the choice. We are huge fans of America and in this our first year anniversary month which also coincides with Thanksgiving, we though we would give it a go. There is a wealth of produce to use and a number of distinctive regions and influences that we'll try and explore through the brunches and ending with the dinner which will be on Saturday December 1st.

Brunch tomorrow will feature Louisiana style Breakfast Shrimp and Grits and Pork Belly Sweet Potato Hash with a soft egg.

We had a fun light up night on Thursday. Tons of Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, relaxed but excited.

We had a small coffee issue last week because of some disruption in shipments because of hurricane Sandy but everything is back to normal. The Sulawesi being particularly tasty at present.