August was a fine month. Tastes of Northern Italy brought Osso Bucco, Risotto all a Milanese, fresh made tortelli pasta filled with butternut, Amaretti cookie and Parmigiano to the table along with a collection of buttery, basilly, fontina-ry, asiago-y delight. So yum and so classic.

This month, thanks to Holly, we have been exploring North Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia and it has been great. Berbere, the main flavoring spice combo is as complex as a good Oaxaca mole and the brunches so far have been super. Foule or Ful with egg  was a real highlight. Saturday is the dinner and it should be a taste sensation.

Friday night we have a book signing at 7.00pm with Stephanie Keyes Star Child. Sounds like a Twilight / Potter teen affair. Local author so we are hoping for as good a turn out as we had for Meredith Miletti's Aftertaste.

Next month is Barktoberfest!! Fund raising event for Animal Friends. Costume party on October 13th. All proceeds to the cause. Prizes, Live Jazz music, bragging rights. Sounds like a damn hoot!!