We have had a phenomenal year with our coffees this year. We feel that our approach of working with multiple roasters really worked out as we could bring in regular favorites and a great variety of new finds.

The greatest array of new coffees came from Africa where premium beans have become a good source of economic growth especially in countries that have become progressively more politically stable. These coffees presented the greatest variety of flavors some being rather exotic. Central and South America was very consistent and refined, as usual, but still we saw some combinations of beans and roasts that provided both subtle and striking cups. The Asian region was the least well represented although we thoroughly enjoyed the limited array we selected.

So here is a name check of the countries we visited in coffee this year: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvedore, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Nicuragua, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Sudan, Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra and Bali.   

We look forward to another great year in coffee in 2016!