June 28, 2014, 7:00 pm

For many people the thought of British food conjures up horror; a bland meal of overcooked meat and veg, or at best an homage to pub grub: tasty but unimaginative. Overcoming this is the challenge we took on when we selected this theme this month and we predict and hope that guests will be pleasantly surprised. The bland options that represent British cuisine are similar to the boring meals made in average household in many cultures and not the rich potential of the country's history.

Britain has its own region diversity, a traditional wealth of produce from the sea and the land and a long history of assimilation. Whether influences brought through the Normans, the Vikings, the Crusades or centuries of global trade, there are complex and interesting foods and flavors to be had and we intend to share some of these.

As usual the dinner is BYOB. We will likely kick off with a complimentary cocktail and appetizers at 7.00pm followed by 5 or 6 small plate courses. The menu is fixed and will incorporate a range of proteins and vegetables. 

The price is $40.00 per person.